Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 2009 -- Dance

This season starts off well, with 30 participants in the Gazteak Dance Group. Out of the 30, 12 are participating in Basque Dance for the first time. We have 12 boys and 18 girls. Thank you to Erik Kvarna and Lisa Camou who came and helped during the first few weeks.

Roll call, 1/24. Notice they can't wait to start playing pilota!

During the first few practices we focus on the dances from Benafaroa and Nafaroa. We start with the basics -- learning 1-2-3s with Bolant Dantza. Doing the dance to muscial chairs not only keeps the children interested, but reinforces which foot the child should be on, and which direction to turn.

As usual, the children have homework: 5 minutes of entrechats (double clicking) a day.

Once the 1-2-3s have been mastered, we move into the irri dantzak from Baztan with Yontzu Dantza. It is the girls vs. the boys to see who moves best.

Julia v. Jack ... I wouldn't want to take bets on who wins!

January 2009 -- Paleta Goma

Welcome to Children's Paleta Goma! We're off to a great start for 2009 with 20 participants. All children are welcome, ages 5 and up.

After running laps around the Kantxa the future Txapelduns learn the importance of stretching before and after playing.

Left over right and STRETCH to the ground

After warm up, the children take their own ball and paleta and hit the ball against the wall. The volunteers and myself take this time to play one on one with the players and work on technique.

Miss Amanda in action

Aupa Pilota!!

Group shot

Next they practice using their right and left arms and stepping into the ball as they swing.

Julia & Maite

Aupa Casey, way to hit the ball

Working with Casey on "aire" - hitting the ball in the air before it hits the ground.

Vincent prepping for the 2014 Mondials

A little one on one with Vincent. The players are all quick and eager learners. Mil Esker to my volunteers - Xabi Berrueta, Aitor Berrueta and Isabelle Bushman.