Friday, February 27, 2009

Dance -- Feb. 15th: BCC's 27th Anniversary

The weekend started with a dance workshop led by Joxema Mendiola from Gipuzkoa.
Joxema showed the dance group some of the Baztan Mutil Dantzak, and a few ingurutxos. (The group was thrilled when "Yum yum Dance" (that we had performed in Chino) was one of them.)

A big thank you to John Ysursa for setting up the workshop, Kate Camino for translating, and Joxema for teaching!

In the Saturday afternoon workshop for Fandango, Joana, Emma and Chloe paid close attention. You can see a few familiar faces in the background.
Sunday before mass -- the girls are ready!

So are the boys!

Our kids did a great job on their first performance of the year. This was the first time performing for almost half the group! No stage fright what so ever. Stay tuned for some video of the performance.....

For those of us who need a reminder, here are a few of the steps we learned ...
a preview of coming attractions!

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