Thursday, February 5, 2009

January 31st - Dance

They are ready to get dancing. During this practice we started working on dances for the BCC Anniversary performance. Even after such a short time practicing, they are ready to show off a little of what they have learned.

Not only are we working on performance dances, but also on social dances such as Polka Pik. This dance is not only fun to do, but helps them learn to listen to the speed of the music and realize that dancing with a girl or boy is not as yucky as it seems.

We are taking the time to work on technique. Not only are they learning their entrechats (the dreaded double clicks) but they are also beginning to learn steps from Gipuzkoa such as a deia and muriska. You can see what these look like at


I would like to present our new class this year! (upper row) Marielle, Jose, Jack, Emma, Gexan, Casey, Megan, Bianca, ( lower row) Eric, Sylvia, Juliette, Megan and Matthew are all dancing for the first time this year. Welcome aboard!

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