Friday, February 6, 2009

Pala, January 31st

Week 4 and we're off to a great start with
21 future Txapelduns!
** There will be NO PRACTICE on Februaury 14th & 21st **

Here the players are introducing themselves to the new volunteers.

Some a little more enthusiastic than others - Go Megan!!

Jose and Vincent warming up. Way to step into it Jose!

Dave working with his group of kids.

Maitexa going over serves ... where's the 'Yo Police'? Miss Angelina is the Captain of the Yo Police task force, serving the BCC since 2008.

Amaya and Dominic taking a break.

Casey, Jack and Megan ready to go!

Josef practicing his serve.

A big thank you to Dave Indart, Johnny Salsa and Maitexa Cuburu for helping me teach and to Patricia Elicagaray for taking the photos. Mil Esker!

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